Will it be possible to print human’s organs?

Right now 3D printing is one of the top technologies. It is already possible to print out all kind of parts and details for cars, portable houses and even prostheses for human кредити онлайн. Then next level might be printing human organs. Right now that might sound like complete nonsense, but actually it is quite possible that almost every organ of humans body will be replaceable with printed organ. Beside, we are talking about nearest future.

As we all know, the traditional 3D printer can print out plastic details and objects. The consistence of the printing materiel is similar to paraffin, but it is stronger when it dry up. So it might sound odd to print organs from this material. Actually, there are different 3D printers and printing materials. If we are talking about organ printing, it is not done with this typical 3D printer.

It is possible to print out real human tissue and this process is called bio printing. In bio printing cells are taken from a donor and inserted into a culture. Than these cells can multiply. When there is enough of cells gowned, they are put in printer cartridge. The further process of printing is just like in normal 3D printing – the object is printed out by layers. The printer is not advanced enough to make appropriate structure of the organ, so that is done manually after the printing process.

This method could save many lives in the future. First of all, there would be a chance to print out organ any time, so there would no longer be a need to search for organ donors and waste time. Second of all, the organ is made from the patient’s own cells, so there is no chance that the patient’s body will reject it after transplanting.

Right now some simple body parts are being printed already. Mostly these printed organs are used for research, but some are transplanted as well. Blood vessels, bones, trachea, bladders, heart valves, skin, and even an ear has been printed already. Even there was a try to print out a kidney and it functioned for few month. So if this technology is so developed right now, we can almost ensure that it will be possible to print out any organ within next few years.

There are already some projects made to print out humans heart. The pan is to create fully functioning humans heart that is partly made of humans tissue and partly from artificial materials. This method allows to make a heart that is even stronger than real humans heart and also allows to save those patients who aren’t candidates for traditional artificial hearts.

So probably organ printing and printed organ transplanting will be quite common medical manipulation in the future. Some scientists even claim that it will be possible to print out a whole human being. This is more science fiction for right now, but the organ printing is the thing of nearest future.

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