How will evolution change humans in the future?

Darwin’s theory has proved that every being on this planet is affected by the processes of evolution, including humans. If we look at the history books, we see how humans looked many thousands years ago and how they developed throughout years. As we now, evolution is endless process, so the way we look right now shouldn’t be the final stage. Scientists have made some assumptions about the future humans.

One of the most common assumptions is that evolution of human will not go any further. We have evolved to the final stage already. Many anthropologists claim that evolution is possible only in isolated areas. Evolution is a way of adaption, but in nowadays there is no need for any more adoptions to some specific environments it was many years ago. Another proof of this theory is that there is no space for valuable changes anymore. For example human’s spine has straightened and it just physically and anatomically cannot straighten any further to not harm people health. There are also other parts of human’s body that is perfectly designed for human needs. Now humans will only need to learn live with this kind of body.

The next theory is exact opposite – humans will continue to evolve. There are scientists who claim that human’s body is far from perfection and there is a lot of space for improvements even in the nearest future. For example, some scientists have proved the women in the future will become shorter and plumper, because it helps to give birth to the children. Also there might be some small changes such as loss of little fingers for legs and hands, because they are not needed anymore. Human’s body will keep adapting to the future needs.

Then there is also at theory that humans will evolve, but not naturally. There is artificial insemination available even right now, but in the future that might be a norm that almost any couple uses. Also this process will become a lot more advanced. It will be possible to select only the best spermatozoids and ova to get the best genetic material. It will also be able to change the genetic information in these gametes, so parents will be able to choose every single detail about the looks and characters of their child. There are also versions that it might be possible to connect human’s body with electronic devices. If you think that sounds impossible, than think of the theologies used today. If it is possible to clone beings than also all of this might be possible in the future.

The last and theory is even more unbelievable, but not impossible. Some scientists claim that there are other life forms in solar system and when they will migrate to the Earth, humans will unite with them. So the further evolution will be something completely new, because humans and other life forms will have progeny together. This theory is based in history, because humans from different continents were able to converge.

There are many theories and they all are based on some proofs, so it is hard to predict what exactly will happen in the future. Anyone can choose which theory to believe.