When will be the end of the world?

There are many predictions heard about the end of the world. If they all were true, the world would already be destroyed several times, however there are also some pretty reliable theories about the end of the world. They are based on real facts and calculations. One of them is NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) study. It predicts that the world will be destroyed, because of dead sun. Lets take a closer look to this theory.

So the end of the world will be caused because of the destruction of whole solar system. The sun one day will die, just like thousands of other stars are dying every day. None of the stars can exist for infinite time, so it is clear sun won’t be no exception. We cannot exclude case that man kind will destroy themselves before this happens, but if we are talking about the end of the whole planet Earth, than this is the most likely scenario.

NASA astronauts has taken a pictures of other planets, who has been destroyed this way. For example in mission called Kepler 2 they took an image of rocky leftovers from a planet that is spiraling around dead star. Later astronauts spotted many other planet leftovers spinning around the dead star. That means, when the star dies, all the planets or at least those who are located closer to the star in this star system vapor.

Stars, which are similar to sun, are driven by nuclear reactions that transform hydrogen into helium. So when the hydrogen runs out, other, heavier elements are being burned. Then the elements expand. At the end of this process the star loses its outer layers. Then only small core of the star is being left. It is called the dead star or white dwarf. All the planets around white dwarfs are being teared apart. The heat starts vaporize the planets and eventually only rocky leftovers remain.

Probably similar fate awaits the planet Earth and whole solar system of course. When the sun will die, all the planets that are located close to it, will definitely be destroyed as well. Mercury, Venus and probably Earth will be vaporized. Other planets in solar, however might remain, but NASA scientists are not sure about that. So there is a small chance that Earth could survive as well, but it wont be able to function without sun anyway.

So the biggest question is – when exactly that will happen? We will definitely won’t experience that. That will probably happen within next billion years. We are definitely not talking about nearest future, but if you are interested in more specific forecasts than in the most likely case that will happen after after two billion years. These calculations are made based on the current age of solar system and lifetime of sun-like planets.

So if only we wont destroy our planet by ourselves, we have plenty of time. We definitely don’t need to worry about apocalypse within next few billion years. We are safe in the nearest future.