Will artificial intelligence take over the world in the future?

There is an assumption that artificial intelligence might take over the world one day and destroy the human’s economy or even human’s existence in general. Nowadays so strong and advanced artificial intelligence that could replace or harm human is not created yet; however there are artificial intelligence used in may devices and systems. This phenomenon is also developing very fast and it is becoming more advanced each day. So there really should be some concern that artificial intelligence might become superior to humans mind.

First we will explain what the artificial intelligence is. It’s a part of computer science industry that studies the behavior, training and adaption of intelligent machines. The main objective of the artificial intelligence is to create computerized machines that behave just like reasonable beings. As it was mentioned before, artificial intelligence is widely used already. For example, many social networks use systems that help to adapt to users’ needs and search engines use it to help to find the most appropriate information. Also in medicine artificial intelligence is used to find cancer cells or to stimulate nerve cells. There are lots of industries that use a help of artificial intelligence. However, this is only weak artificial intelligence – the usage of byproducts of strong artificial intelligence. Real machines that can think like a human have not been created yet.

So the biggest concern is about weak artificial intelligence usage in the nearest future. Soon it will be possible to create machines that are able to do any human work. These machines will not be fully reasonable, but it is possible to make a machine that can complete specific tasks. That means human as a labor will be useless. Almost in any case it is lot cheaper to buy a machine than hire an employee. Probably that is what will happen, but it won’t destroy economic. Artificial intelligent machines won’t be able think like a human, so only low qualified labors won’t be needed. Highly qualified humans will still have jobs, so the education will have even bigger role in future.

But there is also concern about further future, when machines might be even more advanced than humans. That might seem as a science fiction for now, but the possibility that completely reasonably thinking machines will be made within few decades is pretty high. The only strength of human then will be the intuition. That is only skill that machines won’t be able to have. That means theoretically there is possibility that machines will want to rule the world.

So is it possible that artificial intelligence take over the world in the future? Probably no, but they might have some really huge impact on the future and humans existence. Most of the scientists assume that artificial intelligence will work only for humans favor and there will rather be partnership between humans and machines, so this impact will be convenient.