Will we be able to live on other planets in the future?

When we talk about future, one of the most popular topic is space. Earth is just a microscopic spot comparing to the whole universe, so people are willing to know if there will ever be a chance to use this huge free space. As there is already possibility to visit other planets, why it wouldn’t be possible to live there after few years? Lets take a closer look at this theme.

Let’s start the evaluation with other solar system planets. They are located relatively closer to planet Earth, so it might be possible to come up with technologies that could provide possibility to visit them within next few years. The biggest issue with these planets is the there is inappropriate condition for humans existence. Mercury is too hot at the daytime and too cold at night for human to survive. Also there is no air, water, oxygen etc. And what is most important, there is no atmosphere. Venus is way too hot for living. Unlike Mercury, it has atmosphere but it is too thick. There is also water on Venus, but there is no oxygen. Mars is our biggest hope, because there are most appropriate conditions for living. Mars has an atmosphere and also some water. There is no oxygen, but if it would be possible to warm up the planet and plant some trees there, the oxygen could be produced, because there is some carbon dioxide. Jupiter is actually made of gas, beside there is no gravity and it is too hot. About the same situation is with Saturn – made of gas and too hot for living. Uranus is too cold and also there is no oxygen and other things needed for existence.

So solar system planets are not quite appropriate for living. Our only hope is to find some planets in other galaxies, that has similar conditions than planet Earth. Actually that is quite possible, that there is such planet and not only one, but there is another problem. Even solar system planets are located too far to reach them in time of humans life. With technologies available right now, it would take many thousands years only to get to these planets. As humans average age is only around 70 years, there would be no sense in trying to reach these planets, because we would die on the way.

So the possibility to live on other planets depends on development of technologies. For example, if there would be some way, how to heathen up Mars, maybe we could live there. Of course if would take a lot of time and work to make this planet appropriate for living, but there is a small chance to do it. Another way is to try to build very fast spaceships that could reach other galaxies within short time. Then we could find some planets that are already very similar to planet Earth. At the conclusion we can say there is possibility, but for now we are very far from living on other planets. If that will be possible, than only in very far future.