How long will people live in future?

As we all know, the average length of humans life is constantly increasing. Few hundred years ago humans average age was only around 50 years. Now its even above 70 years. Of course there are many thing that affects it, but mostly it’s happening because of modern medicine. Now it is possible to cure many diseases that was death sentence many years ago. As the medicine is still developing and it is happening faster than ever, the question arises – will that increase the average life of human? Is so, how long will we be able to live in the future?

According to the scientific researches, the first humans who will live until the age of 150 years has already born, but that is not the limit. Some biomedical gerontologist even claims that within next few decades there will be some human born that will live longer than 1 000 years. Now that might seem unbelievable, but actually that might be possible. As the medicine will be so developed that every disease will be totally curable, there wont be almost any chance to live in natural death. Even in case of lost or damaged organs or parts of body, there will be a chance to grow and transplant them. So if the medicine really will be able to fight any medical problem, only way to day will be by some lethal accident.

Another theory, however deny possibility to live longer than 250 years. Scientists how has careered out this research claims that 250 is the maximum age of any human, because after this time humans brain just is not able to function anymore. As the brain is one of the few organs of humans body that can’t be transplanted, the death of brain means the death of human. Maybe in the future it will also be able to transplant brain, but than again question arises – will it be the same person? Humans actions, thoughts, emotions and everything else is controlled by brain and if the brain is being changed, than it’s a whole new person.

Most common is the opinion that maximal age of human will increase only for few years. Scientists claim that even despite the development of technologies won’t be enough to fight against all the die. As we all now, once in a while some new, deadly diseases appears. It is believed that in future there will be even more new diseases and health problems, so it wont be able to save everyone. Maybe there will be some lucky people who will live until the age of 200, but it won’t be standard age. Humans body is brittle and in humans life anything can happen.

None of these theories are fully reliable, because we can’t predict the development of medicine and also other things the future might bring. It is clear that there will be a chance to cure many diseases from which human are dying during our time, but there are also lot of other things that might cause death. Until there is no one who has lived more than 130 years, we cannot tell if its even possible to live longer than that.