Climate Changes in the Future

Probably anyone has heard something about greenhouse gas concentration that will affect the climate in the future. It is very actual problem nowadays and despite the efforts to avoid that, it is proved that there will be some changes in the climate in the future. The question is only how fast will be the progress of this process and what exactly will happen?

It is not a myth. Some climate changes are slowly happening even right now, but it is hard to notice it in a short period. Scientists claim that if the amount of annual emission won’t be dramatically reduced within next few years, Earth will experience some obvious climate changes. That will take the form of changes of average temperature, affection of amount and type of precipitation, reduction of ice and snow cover, rising of sea levels, growth of acidity in the oceans, shifting of ecosystems, increase of natural disasters etc. All together these changes will dramatically lower the quality of human’s life in the future. There will be problems with food supply and water resources. Also the human’s health in general might be threatened, because of new microorganisms and diseases.

The most important question is – how fast this all will happen? That depends on such factors as increase of greenhouse gas concentration made by human activities and also natural influences on the climate. To calculate the impacts of climate, scientists use some computerized systems that can predict the future situation within specific circumstances.

The worst thing is that there is nothing we can do about these processes anymore. We could find some ways how to reduce the emissions. That definitely would reduce the greenhouse gas concentration, but if we do it now, that will affect only the further future. Greenhouse gas stay in the atmosphere for a very long time, so if we stop the pollution now, the gases that are already in the atmosphere will make the climate changes anyway.

This actually complicates scientist’s task to make any predictions. So usually there are many assumptions about the climate changes in the future based on different scenarios. These scenarios are influenced by possible future social, economical and environmental conditions.

The average scenario predicts that by the 2100 the average temperature might increase by approximately 20 C. The affection of amount and type of precipitation will differ a lot in many regions of the world. Changes of precipitation also will differ by seasons. Most of the scientists assume that northern areas will become wetter, but the southern areas will become drier, but changes will reach even 30% within the 2100. Snow cowers and glaciers will decrease for approximately 15% within 2100. The sea level might increase even for 1 m by the 2100. Those are huge changes in such a relatively short period, so that will definitely affect human’s existence.

These are pretty reliable and accurate assumptions about climate changes in the future. Of course, scientists might come up with some great ideas how to change that, but if not, future might not be so bright.