Will it be possible to print human’s organs?

Right now 3D printing is one of the top technologies. It is already possible to print out all kind of parts and details for cars, portable houses and even prostheses for human кредити онлайн. Then next level might be printing human organs. Right now that might sound like complete nonsense, but actually it is quite possible that almost every organ of humans body will be replaceable with printed organ. Beside, we are talking about nearest future.

As we all know, the traditional 3D printer can print out plastic details and objects. The consistence of the printing materiel is similar to paraffin, but it is stronger when it dry up. So it might sound odd to print organs from this material. Actually, there are different 3D printers and printing materials. If we are talking about organ printing, it is not done with this typical 3D printer.

It is possible to print out real human tissue and this process is called bio printing. In bio printing cells are taken from a donor and inserted into a culture. Than these cells can multiply. When there is enough of cells gowned, they are put in printer cartridge. The further process of printing is just like in normal 3D printing – the object is printed out by layers. The printer is not advanced enough to make appropriate structure of the organ, so that is done manually after the printing process.

This method could save many lives in the future. First of all, there would be a chance to print out organ any time, so there would no longer be a need to search for organ donors and waste time. Second of all, the organ is made from the patient’s own cells, so there is no chance that the patient’s body will reject it after transplanting.

Right now some simple body parts are being printed already. Mostly these printed organs are used for research, but some are transplanted as well. Blood vessels, bones, trachea, bladders, heart valves, skin, and even an ear has been printed already. Even there was a try to print out a kidney and it functioned for few month. So if this technology is so developed right now, we can almost ensure that it will be possible to print out any organ within next few years.

There are already some projects made to print out humans heart. The pan is to create fully functioning humans heart that is partly made of humans tissue and partly from artificial materials. This method allows to make a heart that is even stronger than real humans heart and also allows to save those patients who aren’t candidates for traditional artificial hearts.

So probably organ printing and printed organ transplanting will be quite common medical manipulation in the future. Some scientists even claim that it will be possible to print out a whole human being. This is more science fiction for right now, but the organ printing is the thing of nearest future.

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Climate Changes in the Future

Probably anyone has heard something about greenhouse gas concentration that will affect the climate in the future. It is very actual problem nowadays and despite the efforts to avoid that, it is proved that there will be some changes in the climate in the future. The question is only how fast will be the progress of this process and what exactly will happen?

It is not a myth. Some climate changes are slowly happening even right now, but it is hard to notice it in a short period. Scientists claim that if the amount of annual emission won’t be dramatically reduced within next few years, Earth will experience some obvious climate changes. That will take the form of changes of average temperature, affection of amount and type of precipitation, reduction of ice and snow cover, rising of sea levels, growth of acidity in the oceans, shifting of ecosystems, increase of natural disasters etc. All together these changes will dramatically lower the quality of human’s life in the future. There will be problems with food supply and water resources. Also the human’s health in general might be threatened, because of new microorganisms and diseases.

The most important question is – how fast this all will happen? That depends on such factors as increase of greenhouse gas concentration made by human activities and also natural influences on the climate. To calculate the impacts of climate, scientists use some computerized systems that can predict the future situation within specific circumstances.

The worst thing is that there is nothing we can do about these processes anymore. We could find some ways how to reduce the emissions. That definitely would reduce the greenhouse gas concentration, but if we do it now, that will affect only the further future. Greenhouse gas stay in the atmosphere for a very long time, so if we stop the pollution now, the gases that are already in the atmosphere will make the climate changes anyway.

This actually complicates scientist’s task to make any predictions. So usually there are many assumptions about the climate changes in the future based on different scenarios. These scenarios are influenced by possible future social, economical and environmental conditions.

The average scenario predicts that by the 2100 the average temperature might increase by approximately 20 C. The affection of amount and type of precipitation will differ a lot in many regions of the world. Changes of precipitation also will differ by seasons. Most of the scientists assume that northern areas will become wetter, but the southern areas will become drier, but changes will reach even 30% within the 2100. Snow cowers and glaciers will decrease for approximately 15% within 2100. The sea level might increase even for 1 m by the 2100. Those are huge changes in such a relatively short period, so that will definitely affect human’s existence.

These are pretty reliable and accurate assumptions about climate changes in the future. Of course, scientists might come up with some great ideas how to change that, but if not, future might not be so bright.


How long will people live in future?

As we all know, the average length of humans life is constantly increasing. Few hundred years ago humans average age was only around 50 years. Now its even above 70 years. Of course there are many thing that affects it, but mostly it’s happening because of modern medicine. Now it is possible to cure many diseases that was death sentence many years ago. As the medicine is still developing and it is happening faster than ever, the question arises – will that increase the average life of human? Is so, how long will we be able to live in the future?

According to the scientific researches, the first humans who will live until the age of 150 years has already born, but that is not the limit. Some biomedical gerontologist even claims that within next few decades there will be some human born that will live longer than 1 000 years. Now that might seem unbelievable, but actually that might be possible. As the medicine will be so developed that every disease will be totally curable, there wont be almost any chance to live in natural death. Even in case of lost or damaged organs or parts of body, there will be a chance to grow and transplant them. So if the medicine really will be able to fight any medical problem, only way to day will be by some lethal accident.

Another theory, however deny possibility to live longer than 250 years. Scientists how has careered out this research claims that 250 is the maximum age of any human, because after this time humans brain just is not able to function anymore. As the brain is one of the few organs of humans body that can’t be transplanted, the death of brain means the death of human. Maybe in the future it will also be able to transplant brain, but than again question arises – will it be the same person? Humans actions, thoughts, emotions and everything else is controlled by brain and if the brain is being changed, than it’s a whole new person.

Most common is the opinion that maximal age of human will increase only for few years. Scientists claim that even despite the development of technologies won’t be enough to fight against all the die. As we all now, once in a while some new, deadly diseases appears. It is believed that in future there will be even more new diseases and health problems, so it wont be able to save everyone. Maybe there will be some lucky people who will live until the age of 200, but it won’t be standard age. Humans body is brittle and in humans life anything can happen.

None of these theories are fully reliable, because we can’t predict the development of medicine and also other things the future might bring. It is clear that there will be a chance to cure many diseases from which human are dying during our time, but there are also lot of other things that might cause death. Until there is no one who has lived more than 130 years, we cannot tell if its even possible to live longer than that.


How will evolution change humans in the future?

Darwin’s theory has proved that every being on this planet is affected by the processes of evolution, including humans. If we look at the history books, we see how humans looked many thousands years ago and how they developed throughout years. As we now, evolution is endless process, so the way we look right now shouldn’t be the final stage. Scientists have made some assumptions about the future humans.

One of the most common assumptions is that evolution of human will not go any further. We have evolved to the final stage already. Many anthropologists claim that evolution is possible only in isolated areas. Evolution is a way of adaption, but in nowadays there is no need for any more adoptions to some specific environments it was many years ago. Another proof of this theory is that there is no space for valuable changes anymore. For example human’s spine has straightened and it just physically and anatomically cannot straighten any further to not harm people health. There are also other parts of human’s body that is perfectly designed for human needs. Now humans will only need to learn live with this kind of body.

The next theory is exact opposite – humans will continue to evolve. There are scientists who claim that human’s body is far from perfection and there is a lot of space for improvements even in the nearest future. For example, some scientists have proved the women in the future will become shorter and plumper, because it helps to give birth to the children. Also there might be some small changes such as loss of little fingers for legs and hands, because they are not needed anymore. Human’s body will keep adapting to the future needs.

Then there is also at theory that humans will evolve, but not naturally. There is artificial insemination available even right now, but in the future that might be a norm that almost any couple uses. Also this process will become a lot more advanced. It will be possible to select only the best spermatozoids and ova to get the best genetic material. It will also be able to change the genetic information in these gametes, so parents will be able to choose every single detail about the looks and characters of their child. There are also versions that it might be possible to connect human’s body with electronic devices. If you think that sounds impossible, than think of the theologies used today. If it is possible to clone beings than also all of this might be possible in the future.

The last and theory is even more unbelievable, but not impossible. Some scientists claim that there are other life forms in solar system and when they will migrate to the Earth, humans will unite with them. So the further evolution will be something completely new, because humans and other life forms will have progeny together. This theory is based in history, because humans from different continents were able to converge.

There are many theories and they all are based on some proofs, so it is hard to predict what exactly will happen in the future. Anyone can choose which theory to believe.


When will be the end of the world?

There are many predictions heard about the end of the world. If they all were true, the world would already be destroyed several times, however there are also some pretty reliable theories about the end of the world. They are based on real facts and calculations. One of them is NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) study. It predicts that the world will be destroyed, because of dead sun. Lets take a closer look to this theory.

So the end of the world will be caused because of the destruction of whole solar system. The sun one day will die, just like thousands of other stars are dying every day. None of the stars can exist for infinite time, so it is clear sun won’t be no exception. We cannot exclude case that man kind will destroy themselves before this happens, but if we are talking about the end of the whole planet Earth, than this is the most likely scenario.

NASA astronauts has taken a pictures of other planets, who has been destroyed this way. For example in mission called Kepler 2 they took an image of rocky leftovers from a planet that is spiraling around dead star. Later astronauts spotted many other planet leftovers spinning around the dead star. That means, when the star dies, all the planets or at least those who are located closer to the star in this star system vapor.

Stars, which are similar to sun, are driven by nuclear reactions that transform hydrogen into helium. So when the hydrogen runs out, other, heavier elements are being burned. Then the elements expand. At the end of this process the star loses its outer layers. Then only small core of the star is being left. It is called the dead star or white dwarf. All the planets around white dwarfs are being teared apart. The heat starts vaporize the planets and eventually only rocky leftovers remain.

Probably similar fate awaits the planet Earth and whole solar system of course. When the sun will die, all the planets that are located close to it, will definitely be destroyed as well. Mercury, Venus and probably Earth will be vaporized. Other planets in solar, however might remain, but NASA scientists are not sure about that. So there is a small chance that Earth could survive as well, but it wont be able to function without sun anyway.

So the biggest question is – when exactly that will happen? We will definitely won’t experience that. That will probably happen within next billion years. We are definitely not talking about nearest future, but if you are interested in more specific forecasts than in the most likely case that will happen after after two billion years. These calculations are made based on the current age of solar system and lifetime of sun-like planets.

So if only we wont destroy our planet by ourselves, we have plenty of time. We definitely don’t need to worry about apocalypse within next few billion years. We are safe in the nearest future.


Will we be able to live on other planets in the future?

When we talk about future, one of the most popular topic is space. Earth is just a microscopic spot comparing to the whole universe, so people are willing to know if there will ever be a chance to use this huge free space. As there is already possibility to visit other planets, why it wouldn’t be possible to live there after few years? Lets take a closer look at this theme.

Let’s start the evaluation with other solar system planets. They are located relatively closer to planet Earth, so it might be possible to come up with technologies that could provide possibility to visit them within next few years. The biggest issue with these planets is the there is inappropriate condition for humans existence. Mercury is too hot at the daytime and too cold at night for human to survive. Also there is no air, water, oxygen etc. And what is most important, there is no atmosphere. Venus is way too hot for living. Unlike Mercury, it has atmosphere but it is too thick. There is also water on Venus, but there is no oxygen. Mars is our biggest hope, because there are most appropriate conditions for living. Mars has an atmosphere and also some water. There is no oxygen, but if it would be possible to warm up the planet and plant some trees there, the oxygen could be produced, because there is some carbon dioxide. Jupiter is actually made of gas, beside there is no gravity and it is too hot. About the same situation is with Saturn – made of gas and too hot for living. Uranus is too cold and also there is no oxygen and other things needed for existence.

So solar system planets are not quite appropriate for living. Our only hope is to find some planets in other galaxies, that has similar conditions than planet Earth. Actually that is quite possible, that there is such planet and not only one, but there is another problem. Even solar system planets are located too far to reach them in time of humans life. With technologies available right now, it would take many thousands years only to get to these planets. As humans average age is only around 70 years, there would be no sense in trying to reach these planets, because we would die on the way.

So the possibility to live on other planets depends on development of technologies. For example, if there would be some way, how to heathen up Mars, maybe we could live there. Of course if would take a lot of time and work to make this planet appropriate for living, but there is a small chance to do it. Another way is to try to build very fast spaceships that could reach other galaxies within short time. Then we could find some planets that are already very similar to planet Earth. At the conclusion we can say there is possibility, but for now we are very far from living on other planets. If that will be possible, than only in very far future.


Will artificial intelligence take over the world in the future?

There is an assumption that artificial intelligence might take over the world one day and destroy the human’s economy or even human’s existence in general. Nowadays so strong and advanced artificial intelligence that could replace or harm human is not created yet; however there are artificial intelligence used in may devices and systems. This phenomenon is also developing very fast and it is becoming more advanced each day. So there really should be some concern that artificial intelligence might become superior to humans mind.

First we will explain what the artificial intelligence is. It’s a part of computer science industry that studies the behavior, training and adaption of intelligent machines. The main objective of the artificial intelligence is to create computerized machines that behave just like reasonable beings. As it was mentioned before, artificial intelligence is widely used already. For example, many social networks use systems that help to adapt to users’ needs and search engines use it to help to find the most appropriate information. Also in medicine artificial intelligence is used to find cancer cells or to stimulate nerve cells. There are lots of industries that use a help of artificial intelligence. However, this is only weak artificial intelligence – the usage of byproducts of strong artificial intelligence. Real machines that can think like a human have not been created yet.

So the biggest concern is about weak artificial intelligence usage in the nearest future. Soon it will be possible to create machines that are able to do any human work. These machines will not be fully reasonable, but it is possible to make a machine that can complete specific tasks. That means human as a labor will be useless. Almost in any case it is lot cheaper to buy a machine than hire an employee. Probably that is what will happen, but it won’t destroy economic. Artificial intelligent machines won’t be able think like a human, so only low qualified labors won’t be needed. Highly qualified humans will still have jobs, so the education will have even bigger role in future.

But there is also concern about further future, when machines might be even more advanced than humans. That might seem as a science fiction for now, but the possibility that completely reasonably thinking machines will be made within few decades is pretty high. The only strength of human then will be the intuition. That is only skill that machines won’t be able to have. That means theoretically there is possibility that machines will want to rule the world.

So is it possible that artificial intelligence take over the world in the future? Probably no, but they might have some really huge impact on the future and humans existence. Most of the scientists assume that artificial intelligence will work only for humans favor and there will rather be partnership between humans and machines, so this impact will be convenient.